UBEX Media Launches New Streaming Platform

Event Date: June 1, 2024

Event Time: 8:00 am

UBEX Media launches an all new Streaming Media Platform for Independent Artists.  This is a game changer as Independent Filmmakers and TV Show producers now have another avenue to get distribution for their content.  “This is going to level the playing field for us,” says Fancie Moore, producer of the TV Show, “I Want Moore with Fancie.”

“Many Filmmakers with great content are turned down, and they have really great productions that they spent months, even years to work on only to get rejected… not to mention all the money they sink into their projects that may or not get picked up by Hollywood.  There had to be another way.  I wasn’t going to go begging for a network to put my content on.  We will start on Roku and build a strong foundation, then make it available on other platforms like AppleTV and Amazon Prime.,” says Founder, Rhonda Kay of Ubex Media.

Aspiring and Emerging Talent can take programming on the Dallas Technical Institute website and learn things like lighting, the business of show business and more taught by Rhonda Kay herself along with friends she invites to pour their expertise into the students.  Students will ingest over 20 years of industry knowledge in the Independent Producer’s Course and will have their work showcased on the UBEX Media platform upon successful completion of the course.

The UBEX Media Streaming platform is set to launch on Roku on June 1, 2024.  You can learn more about UBEX Media and how to access programming at ubexmedia.net.

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